Friday, March 18, 2005

Essential Sites : The Free Design - NOW is the time!

The Free Design - NOW is the time!

Nifty site dedicated to the extraordinary vocal group The Free Design. Features include news, interviews, discographies, and a terrific history of the band...

"The golden sound of the Free Design was shown in a non-stop run of potential hits (Friendly Man, I Found Love, You Could Be Born Again etc) and a collection of gems dedicated to "very important people" (ie: children).

Despite the almost unbelievable lack of chart success they had keen followers. With the contemporary rock air of the late 1960s early 1970s thick with the textures and attitudes of Led Zeppelin, Zappa, David Bowie and Sly Stone together with the arrival of the disco, a brothers and sisters act who struck no poses but sang melodic popular music was ostracized. The craftmanship of the Free Design's productions, the intricate arrangements, the timelessness of the songs and the purity and natural beauty of their voices were in contrast with the trends being set by their contemporaries."